Fluorescent Stars

Stars Fluo wall stickers, baby wall decals



Colored daytime, softly glows in the dark.

31 Little stars various measures

Biggest star: cm 11x9 (inch.4.33”x 3.55”)

Smaller star: cm 1.5x1.3 (inch.0.60”x 0.51”)

-Our creations are made with non-toxic water colours and are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes

-Our products are handcrafted and created by designers with a unique style tailored for your needs

-After payment, will be required 2-4 working days to make your creation

-Sometimes colours may vary slightly due to the display or monitor

-Donate to your child a magic world! Carry out his dream's room!

-All our pictures are protected by copyright LABANDADELRICCIO©

-Product 100% Made in Italy

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