Space Mission

Space Mission wall stickers, fluo wall decals


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Space Mission Fluorescent wall stickers

Colored daytime, softly glows in the dark.

Sun diameter cm 25 (9.85")

Earth diameter cm 15 (5.91")

Jupiter diameter cm 16 (6.3")

Venus diameter cm 12 (4.73")

Mercury diameter cm 8 (3.15")

Uranus cm 14x8 (5.52"x3.15")

Saturn cm 26x11,5 (10.24"x4.33")

Mars diameter cm 9 (3.55")

Neptune diameter cm 8 (3.15")

Pluto diameter cm 4 (1.58")

1° Rocket cm 45x22 (17.70"x8.66")

2° Rocket cm 38x17 (14.96"x6.69")

Spaceman cm 30x28 (11.81"x11.02")

4 shooting stars

120 little stars

-Our creations are made with non-toxic water colours and are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes

-Our products are handcrafted and created by designers with a unique style tailored for your needs

-After payment, will be required 2-4 working days to make your creation

-Sometimes colours may vary slightly due to the display or monitor

-Donate to your child a magic world! Carry out his dream's room!

-All our pictures are protected by copyright LABANDADELRICCIO©

-Product 100% Made in Italy

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